Dodd Computer Support

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Dodd Computer Support Specialists

General personal and business computer assistance and consultation with a unique pricing structure.

Need help with your home or office personal computer or laptop? We provide basic hardware and software assistance and support.
Not sure what computer to purchase to suit your current needs? Call, e-mail or write us for a Free Consultation , and, take a look at our customer testimonials, we can help you!

I try to put people ahead of electronics. 

 It used to be that computer systems cost thousands of dollars.  Now they are expendable making repairing those systems less likely as the cost of repairs can in most cases equal or exceed the value of the system. 

I'll consider your situation, and make the best decision that will get you the most for your money.  Sometimes repairing an aging system doesn't make much sense, so I'll help you chose a new one that suits your needs the most.



Dodd Computer Support

Topsham Maine, also serving Greater Portland

Call me, Ryan Dodd at:


[email protected]



I also do a variety of repairs to PS3, X-Box, and other electronics.