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Custom Desktop Computer Builds

I build a machine that does what you need, saving you money by not including all those things that you don't need.  You need a PC to get on the internet... so why spend $1000.00 on a high speed, high graphic, massive storage server?  Why pay even more than that for all this extra pre-loaded software that you'll never use?  Stop it!  Let me build you THE machine that YOU need.  Keep it simple, keep it cheap! 


Get more space, get more speed!  Get the newest operating system installed to keep you current!  Why run old operating systems that are slow and full of security risks.  Get the new stuff and keep it fresh!

Annual Desktop/Laptop Cleaning Service

Your equipment has cooling fans.  Cooling fans draw in major dust of the course of time.  Dust build up can lead to computers overheating, and eventually componant failure. 

This professional service removes all debris from your computers cooling system, disinfects keyboards, and keeps your computer running cool. 

This is a must do service for everyone, and a service that gets performed on every computer that comes thru my shop.


They break, they get viruses.  I fix, I remove viruses.  You get a repaired computer, you get happy because the cost didn't force you to re-mortgage your house.

Green Recycling and E-Waste Recovery/Asset Recovery

Proud to be one of the cleanest asset recovery specialists in Maine!  In most cases, I am prepared to offer you cash for your unwanted items.  Consider me first!


"Thanks so much Ryan! This printer is the fastest thing I have ever seen! Someday I will get a color one that is this fast! Thanks for your technical support and walking me through the steps on the phone! So glad you are back in the business of computer tech work!!!!" -Kelly Dement
"Thank you soo much Mr. Computer Genius!! What would I do without you???" -Casey Adams
"Thanks for taking a look at my computer, and setting me up with the program i needed. I'll definatley be in touch for any of my future computer needs.
Thanks." -Eddie Mclease
"Hi Ryan,

I received my mouse a couple of hours ago and have installed it on my HP Vista 64 bit laptop. I had no difficulties installing it whatsoever (it took me longer to get it out of it's packaging). It does everything I wanted and then some, it has a real comfortable feel, good size and a good weight. It also has dongle storage which was a requirement of mine, the mouse powers on when the dongle is ejected and powers off when restored---nice feature. All buttons and scroll wheel are quite easily configurable.

I know this was a little long-winded but I thought you would like to know for your own information in case you had not used or seen this model. Very good choice, I appreciate the time you spent searching for it.

Thanks again,

"It should also make Jess happy, her Father's Day gift was a success!!!"
"Just a quick note to thank you for your advice. Instead of spending $105 at Best Buy, I was only out $15...for the same product! Every penny counts and you are truly appreciated."
Alisha Drew